Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Birth & Plethora of Stuff to Share!

Welcome Little Love, grandchild 4!  Ma'alahi, on September 26.

I'm so overcome with Joy.  Thankful!  Congrats family!  (And Corin, my one blog fan!  Bless you & your young family!)
 I need to finish Ma'alahi's vintage baby blanket--quickly!!

 Shells. . .shells. . .
 Favorite local Corona thai plate (I prefer the chicken chow mien to beef).
You can find me here doing my Bible Study.  This year we are studying the amazing life of Moses!  From Sept-May, study in Exodus-Deuterotomy.  That loving grace of God refinining us through our failures for His Glory.  Study, learn & live!

 A sweet wedding for Jesse and Amber!  With some very special women!
Lorin and Frank trekked on their yearly camping and hiking trip to the Eastern Sierra's.   

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Blog

It's been one year since I've picked up blogging or writing.  Technology was not my friend, so I took up private journaling.  The year went by. . .I continued to craft while life moved along.  Life normally is filled with baseball but in February of 2014, Noah needed surgery for a post labrum tear and his baseball activities came to a screeching halt.  It's been six months of downtime and we are returning now to Noah's junior year and resuming baseball.  Needless to say, the challenges for Noah and myself (as the baseball parent) is a tough road.

Meanwhile there's much to share.  A recent discovery I've made is with Aviary, the free app that adds text on my iPhone photos!  When I discovered this. . .I truly could not help myself writing text on my photos.  It's this scrapbooking mindset in me!

But I'm excited just to tinker here again.  And, I believe I'll do some personal writing as well.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Engagement Scrapbook & Wedding Guest Book

 Jesse for Amber, a scrapbook which ended with a box that fit her engagement ring at the very end for the unique surprise!
Rachel's guest book.  Her colors were navy, peach and gold.  Lacette did the heavy lifting of cropping & stamping on both projects.

Bracelet Story

 Wrap bracelets have been my thing these last couple years.  Learning to craft them took awhile as I never took a class.  I learned quite a bit from Camay, Lacette's sister.  In June Camay came to visit and she taught Lacette and I how to do the "Bollywood" wrap bracelet!
 A fave of mine!  The gift that doesn't stop giving!  Camay made me the black and pearl, Lacette made me the frosted blue on the right, and my first two creations are the coral and light blue.  Love the crafts that are like crocheting, you find rhythms and it's relaxing.
 Costa Rica pukas in a simple strand.
 My first Bollywood measured incorrectly for my wrist, so what do you do?  Gift it to Lacette!

 In the craft room working hard.  Hardly working.
One of the many purchases.

Sketchy Blogger I Am

 Random shots. . .life is a blur sometimes it goes by so quickly.  Lorin and I celebrated 22 years of marriage on June 1.  I am thankful for every bit of life as Mrs. Lorin Rozatti.
 On Maui with the girls. . .Vida & Lacette.  We take time to just--spend time.
Cared for Kawai on Maui, my little spitfire Grandson.
 And, on June 1st, Rachel married Ryan.  These two know how to tie the knot in style!
 Palm Springs, Arizona--baseball goes on. . .and Noah turned 15 in May.
 Ivy Jeanne's most beautiful artsy home I get to hang out in while on Maui.  Oh Maui rain, island sounds of birds at 2 a.m.--sound of wind in trees, old country roads.  Yes, always yes.
 My main crew.  Frank, Lorin, Luke and Noah.
 Luke is 17 now.
Little adorable things in Jeanne's home I love.  I am all over the place--a bit of this and that but always busy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 9 & 10

 I have to laugh. . .I get caught up with PL pages and the little tyke is due for next visit. . .
being a grandparent reminds me to enjoy the present like there is no tomorrow.

 Most of the time embellishing gets added weeks afterwards.

 Oh I love love love love little boys.  They make me so happy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Life Posting 2

 Though this is Week 8, I am currently working on Week 15.  37 to Go.  So far I do my week as I go.  I steal minutes here & there or I just carve out time & ignore my chores.  I keep my book out on a table in the craftroom and the family checks it as the days go by.  Everyone enjoys Project Life.  I believe my boys think I am sappy & emotional, so being boys they are kind of shy about FEELINGS so when they view the pages they quietly engage in commenting.   My craft room is still a mess!   Cleaning out supplies is not easy for me.  I am working on other craft projects as well, so that's probably my downfall--oh gosh, the beading I have been doing!  Although the patterns are simple, I have been enjoying this new craft!  More on that to come. . .

 Kawai returns to Cali on April 18th.  I will most likely go MIA.  I lose my schedule, my mind!  But gain a whole bunch of 3 year old kisses and playtime!
For closer view click on picture.
 As I get older. . .wow, amazing how the body just changes.
Arianna, my first grandchild pictured here loving up on Kawai is my new BFF.  I am such a lucky lucky woman & Grandma!

Project Life Posting

 Okay, so posting I am not current on. . .that's the way it rolls over here in Cali.  Just not a Type A Gal. Valentine's week was quite full.  I added inserts by cutting down page protectors.
I am not spending a lot of time embellishing the pages (as yet) I am pretty satisfied in selecting photos for now.  Life is busy.  And full.  There simply is not enough time in the day for all I'd like to do.  Do you feel that way too?
 Here is the 12x6.--You probably can't read my day re.  my random find, a CD of Barry Gibb & Streisand released in 2005. Minutes before I was exhilarated by another Gibb/Streisand duet in my car mesmerized with uplifted spirit doing my errands.  Next stop CVS, head still in clouds I ran in for my one item & got in line for the purchase at the counter.  I glance over their very small selection of CD's.  What?  My eyes fall on this CD, reunited Gibbs & Streisand!  HELLO!    And, I do not believe in coincidences!  I felt like the Lord was just blessing me even more, in that personal moment in time.  When you look for God's hand in your life, you find it everywhere, in minute details of your life.

 Really love the see thru look.  Have to find ways to use all these stacks of alphabet letters I have!  And ways to encourage Noah as he struggles as a 14 year old to work hard to stay on top of his baseball season.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Craft Love

 My favorite of the slew of Christmas crosses I crafted. . .alas gifted away!  Lucky Denise.
 This Christmas, my man crafted crosses so that I could gift shell crosses for Christmas. . .he made 15 of them.  I love my man.
 Gifts!  Gifted to me!  My sister Jeanne has been making shell signs for many years.  This artist did a unique take on it as she piled the shells upon eachother that this photo doesn't do justice.  It stands sideways about a half in in thickness.  When Jeanne and I were at Maui Swap Meet, our life theme at the moment was discussing "being content"; the struggle that simple state of mind can "be".  This is a life long attitude adjustment.  How to "be". . .she bought this for me as my name is Bee as well, sometimes it's a win win being me!
A couple of years ago I spied the Chen Lu wrap bracelets. . .I was determined to find a way to make them, and did. . .this is one I made for Janet.  She wanted blue.
 My personal collection.  Coral--oh I love you. . .and pyrite, yes!  The wrap bracelet took a long time to learn to do and many failures due to understanding thread strengths & beading techniques.  And finally I was introduced to the "ladder" bracelet. . .a much easier way to bead.
Another gift from Jeanne (and Mom) to me, it's a tahitian pearl bracelet crafted by my nephews wife who makes uses shells and pearls in her jewelry making.  I got to choose this yummy pearl, it has a beveled solid silver bangle.  Can you tell I have a weakness for jewelry?  I am not proud of it, but it is me.